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Important Update

Global Mobility Survey

Household Goods Moving

The household move is fundamental to the relocation process. Integrating the move into a complete relocation programme can help to reduce overall costs through savings on temporary living and storage arrangements.

Our Australia based moving services team based are ready to help you with your international and domestic relocation requirements. Whether you are relocating employees from Beijing to Melbourne or London to Sydney, our household goods moving experts provide a complete door-to-door service.

We can manage your entire global moving programme from our Australia office. Our Melbourne office is a major global hub and regional management centre. Our Global Move Management team manages international moving to and from any location worldwide.

The Assignee Experience

Our objective is to provide a level of care that ensures your relocating employees and their household items arrive safely at their new location on time. Our Perfect Move methodology ensures that all international and domestic moves are managed to a consistent global standard and that your assignees arriving in Australia, or moving overseas receive the highest level of support.

Our moving services are designed to fit perfectly with our immigration and relocation destination services to provide the ultimate service for you and your assignees.

International Moving Services

Santa Fe Australia will work with you to design a full home-to-home moving service to support you and your relocating employees. Santa Fe’s professional moving surveyors, packing crews and move managers will guide your relocating employees through the move process to ensure that all logistical considerations are planned to perfection with close consideration of the emotional factors that can affect the success of the move.

The Pre-Move Survey

Our team of surveyors are professionally trained and provide coverage of the Australia. will visit your assignees in the home to conduct a thorough survey of the items that your assignees will be taking with them or putting into storage. For items of extreme value we can arrange for special crates. Our surveyors use our revolutionary MovePad device which means that all surveys are highly accurate.

Professional Packing Crews

Our packing crews provide a professional packing and unpack service. They are trained and utilise the latest packing techniques and materials to ensure that your assignees’ highly valued items receive the maximum protection before they are transported around the world. Which is why we have one of the lowest incident rates in the industry!

Transport and Road Moves

We have the most extensive coverage of any international moving company. Our fleet of Australian vehicles run continuously throughout Europe to provide a door-to-door moving service.

Air and Sea Transport

We organise moves to and from anywhere in the world. We organise the documentation and transport to provide airfreight and container moves via air and sea respectively.


Our moving experts help your assignees to complete their paperwork so that there are no delays. We also arrange for customs clearance into the Australia or at the overseas destination.


We offer secure storage for household goods anywhere around the world. Our Australia storage facilities are state of the art and are conveniently located throughout the Australia.

FIDI FAIM Plus Certified International Moving Services

Santa Fe is a member of FIDI and our Australia moving services are FIDI FAIM Plus accredited, which is the highest standard available for an international moving company. Our entire moving is

Australia Domestic Moves

Santa Fe provides coverage for the whole of Australia. We use our own professional packing crews, own fleet, warehouses and panel of Approved Partners in Australia to provide a high quality service.

Household Goods Moving: What is Included

  • Pre-move home survey using MovePad
  • Household goods moving documentation assistance
  • Packing of household goods in the home
  • Transportation of household goods
  • Household goods moving customs clearance
  • Delivery of household goods at destination
  • Household goods moving insurance
  • Claims resolution

Household Goods Moving : Benefits

  • Service delivered by household goods moving professionals
  • Asset based household goods moving services
  • Household goods moving integrates into the relocation process creating cost benefits