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Important Update

Global Mobility Survey

Relocation School Search

If your relocating employee has school age children, the choice of school is critical to the decision-making process and will influence the whole family’s perception of their new location. Securing appropriate school places will expedite the relocation process and positively impact your relocating employee’s performance in the workplace.

Australian Education Specialists

Our education specialists are experts in helping families relocating to Australia to identify appropriate school places. We recognise that for a family moving, school places are usually the key in determining the overall success of an assignment, and can be a deciding factor in whether or not an assignment is accepted.

Our Australian relocation education specialists fully understand the concerns of relocating families and the various options available within the Australian school system. Following an initial consultation with the family, our experts will be able to make recommendations and provide schooling options meeting their specific needs; we will then assist the family through the process of arranging school visits and completing any applications required in order to secure school places.

Australia School System

Schools in Australia can be roughly divided into two groups: independent schools (fee-paying schools) and state schools (non-fee paying schools).

Independent schools can in turn be broadly divided into international schools who follow the International Baccalaureate program (IB), American schools who follow the American system, and British schools who follow the British system culminating in GCSE and A Levels.

Places in the Australian state school system are usually based on the “catchment” area of the school – a defined area around the school neighbourhood within which the family must live in order for their children to attend the school – and proof of address will be required before a school place can be confirmed. Areas with good state schools are always popular and places are in high demand. All state schools are also inspected by Ofsted.

International Schools in Australia

There are a variety of international schools in Australia, although the majority are located in and around major cities. The American and international systems are particularly good for children entering Australia from abroad at the later stages of education.

The international system offers additional English language support for foreign language speakers, with French, German, Japanese, and Norwegian schools amongst others located within the Sydney Area.

Australia School Search Service

Santa Fe Relocation Services provides a professional school search programme which takes in to account existing and future education plans. Santa Fe also caters for specialist education requirements such as special needs schooling. Santa Fe always uses school search professionals with detailed knowledge and experience of the local schooling systems.

Australia School Search: What is Included

  • Detailed school search needs analysis
  • Set up interviews with schools
  • Assist with registration
  • School search comparisons

Australia School Search: Benefits

  • Independent advice by education professionals
  • School search delivered by school search professionals with expert local knowledge and education experience
  • Local intelligence and ongoing consultation to benefit your policy