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Global Mobility Survey

Global Relocation / DSP Management

You may not require a full assignment management programme and simply require the management and delivery of relocation destination services (also known as DSP) in all locations worldwide.

Santa Fe manages and delivers DSP services globally. Furthermore with own offices delivering DSP services in 56 countries around the world Santa Fe is able to remove many of the administration layers associated with third parties and having too many suppliers to save your business time and money.

In-house DSP Relocation Experts

Experienced relocation professionals manage your relocation programme and support your relocating employees throughout their move, coordinating all the aspects of the relocation in to one seamless service. All based on the service package that has been developed to suit your needs and within your policy.

Santa Fe Relocation Services provides your business with an experienced Account Manager who works with you to develop a relocation programme built around your organisation’s requirements. They will be able to advise on all aspects of managing a relocation programme and its administration.

Single Point Of Coordination

A single point of coordination is provided for each of your relocating employees throughout their relocation. A dedicated Santa Fe Global Relocation Coordinator will coordinate and guide them through the process.


Santa Fe's comprehensive employee relocation services have proven effective for even the most challenging mobility programmes. From the lease to finding executive accommodation, we can tailor high-quality, great-value solutions to meet all your corporate relocation goals.

Area Orientation

Also known as a “preview trip” or “look-see visit”, the area orientation is a valuable tool that has multiple applications as part of a relocation programme. It can help sell the new location to a prospective candidate, or be used as part of a group move induction. As well as allowing a relocating employee to select the correct area for home search and school search.

Santa Fe's area orientation service includes an accompanied tour by professionals with locally specific expertise. They will adapt each tour to suit the interests of the relocating employee and any accompanying family members. The orientation considers everything your relocating employee will need to know for living and working in their new location. The area orientation is designed to deliver a comprehensive insight into the location.

Home Search & Real Estate

We manage and deliver home search and real estate services in all locations worldwide. Our home search and real estate consultants are on the ground providing a personal service to help source accommodation for your relocating employees and their families. We take all the requirements of the relocating family and combine this with local market knowledge and your policy to find them a home that is ideal for their relocation. We do everything from the needs analysis, the property search, accompanied home viewings, helping with the lease and departure programmes. Our real estate services cover:

  • Home search for rental properties in the host country
  • Temporary Housing for short-term relocation or long-term assignments.
  • Tenancy Management for managing the properties in the host country.
  • Property Management for the property your relocating employee is leaving in their home country.

School Search

If your relocating employee has school aged children, the choice of school and home location are critical to all family decisions and will influence the whole family’s perception of their new location. Getting the schooling right will expedite the relocation process and positively impact your relocating employee’s performance in the workplace.

Santa Fe provides a professional school search programme which takes in to account existing and future education plans. Santa Fe also caters for specialist education requirements such as special needs schooling.

Settling-In Assistance

The settling-in period is where your relocating employee and family members are finding their way. It should be a positive experience and not a distraction to their new role.

Santa Fe's settling-in services are designed to help your relocating employee through the vital first months of arriving in a new location and ensuring that your relocating employee is focused on their new role and their accompanying family members are comfortable in their new surroundings.

Santa Fe provides a comprehensive and flexible menu of services that can be tailored to meet the relocating employee’s requirements.

Cultural & Language Training

Providing the necessary cultural and language training support will substantially help your relocating employee to communicate and integrate effectively in their new location. Santa Fe designs and provides flexible cultural and language training programmes, which are based on a professional assessment of the individual’s needs.

Accompanying Partner Assistance

Also known as “spousal support”, Accompanying Partner Assistance helps alleviate the pressure associated with relationships on the relocating employee.

Partner dissatisfaction is the most commonly identified cause of failed or early terminated assignments. Given that there increasingly more dual career families, the support given to the relocating partner can make the difference between a successful or failed assignment. Santa Fe has developed a range of services designed to support the partner through the relocation process and beyond. Depending on the location and requirements of the individual this can be focused on career/employment or further education opportunities, voluntary work, expat groups and associations all the way to simply helping them find their way around a supermarket.

Expense Management

The accurate management of relocation expenses and tax reporting is a critical element to any relocation programme. Santa Fe offers a range of expense management services that delivers a compliant auditable solution to corporations and relocating employees alike. Santa Fe will work with you on a consultative basis to develop an expense management service to fit the needs of your organisation and relocation programme.

The aim of the service is to make a potentially complicated and time consuming process simple and easily manageable for our clients.