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Global Mobility Survey

Information Based Services (Technology & Processes)

Global Mobility Technology Solutions

Assignment Management Software, Big Data and Management Information - everything is Connected! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a single source so that authorised staff in your business could have visibility of its entire global assignment programme and drill down to a granular level of each assignment. Santa Fe can help.

Manage Your Entire Global Mobility Programme

Santa Fe's technology solutions enables you to manage your entire assignment management programme. Our technology links all stakeholders, enables you to authorise assignments, assignee tracking, monitor activity, gain visibility of all costs and access reports that you can use to demonstrate ROI back to the business.

Total Assignment Reporting

Stop struggling with manual Excel spreadsheets. Our technology provides a high degree of flexibility so that you can design the reports your business needs and report on what is important to you.

Flexible Systems

Choose our off the peg technology designed to handle anything from a focused household goods move management contract up to a total outsourced global assignment management engagement. We have the technology solution for your business.


Our technology naturally complies to the highest data security standards. Read our data security policy for more information.