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Destination Service Provider (DSP)

Our comprehensive relocation services have proven effective outsource solutions for even the most challenging mobility programs. Whether you need to find executive accommodation, arrange a look-see trip, or schedule cross-cultural training, we can tailor high-quality, great-value solutions to meet all your corporate relocation goals.

Destination Services (DSP)

If you are hiring foreign nationals or bringing in international assignees, Santa Fe’s in-bound relocation services can help! Our in-house specialists are expert in home search and school search as well as orientation/look-see trips and settling-in services. We can also arrange cross-cultural training and language classes to help smooth the relocation process.

When it comes time to repatriate your assignees, we provide repatriation services to facilitate their returns to their home countries or onward assignments.

  • Area orientation  and Look-See trip
  • School Search
  • Cross-cultural and Language Training
  • Settling In Assistance
  • Repatriation Assistance
  • Home Search

Home Finding
Temporary Housing
Tenancy Management