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Handyman & Valet Services

When you are moving, there are so many details to consider. With our handyman and valet services, we can help take some of those responsibilities off of your list. From helping to hang pictures when you first arrive, to a thorough cleaning after you leave, our handyman and valet teams can help make your move easy!

Handyman Services

There’s no one handier than a Santa Fe handyman. We can help hang pictures and shelves, assemble furniture, install appliances and lights, and perform patch-up services for minor repairs. We are fully-licensed, trained, equipped, proficient in English, and available on an hourly, daily or per item basis.

Valet Services

Let our valet service help make your transition seamless. We can thoroughly clean your residence before you move in, stock your new home with groceries and basic items, and more. We can even be there to wash, clean, fold and perform a host of helpful duties while your household shipment is unpacked. Our fully licensed, trained, English-speaking helpers are available for these temporary assignments by the hour, day or week.