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Moving to Brazil


With its ever-expanding international community and booming economy, Brazil has become a very popular destination for people all over the world, and with good reason. Its rich agricultural sector compliments the ideal climate and exotic scenery in the Amazonian countryside, while the cosmopolitan hubs like Rio and Sao Paolo offer a vibrant cultural experience that you will never forget.

A rich colonial and aborigine history transcends in Brazil music and artistic heritage, which makes for a very colourful and inviting social environment. As one of the largest countries in the world, there are endless travelling opportunities in Brazil, from epic hiking trips to relaxing beach breaks. But living in a country is very different to just visiting it, so here are a few things to remember before moving to Brazil for good.                

Finding Accommodation

Finding a comfortable place to live should be your priority when organising the big move to Brazil. In fact, getting a long-term lease requires a guarantor, which can be hard to obtain without a secure job offer. But with a little research and patience, you are sure to find a suitable home, especially when looking at the outskirts of the big cities like Rio. While online research will produce interesting results, it may be worth staying in temporary accommodation for the first couple of weeks, that way you can visit the potential homes yourself before agreeing to anything permanent.


In Brazil childcare begins with Educaçao Infantil or preschool, for children up to the age of six. Although public preschools are free of charge, they tend to be overcrowded so newcomers may want to invest in private education for their children. A lot of families opt for a nanny service for their infants, since mandatory education only starts at the elementary level. For older kids, starting elementary or even high school, public schools impose a relatively high level of fluency in Portuguese for its pupils, which can be difficult for expats. However, there are lots of private and international schools that cover a range of different nationalities and languages as well.  


In Brazil, the geography alone should be enough to persuade anyone to move there, but the nation also prides itself on being the cultural melting pot of Latin America. As tourism and immigration prevail, Brazilians are particularly friendly and welcoming and love to talk to new arrivals. Proud of their Portuguese heritage, it is worth taking courses and familiarising yourself with the language as Brazilians see such effort as a sign of respect. The warm climate means fresh fruits and vegetables are both cheap and easily accessible, which is reflected in the quality of the food in local restaurants.

Good to Know

While Brazil may be a fascinating country to live in, it is not the cheapest destination for internationals. The 2008 financial crisis has proved costly for people living in Brazil, which is an important fact to remember. However, the costly experience of living in such beautiful and culturally interesting country is incredibly rewarding.

Brazil awards permanent residency to families whose children are born in the country, which can simplify visa issues for anyone moving to Brazil and thinking of starting a family!

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