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Moving to Denmark


Though small, Denmark has become a very important country worldwide. It has a long history going back to the Vikings and other Nordic nations, to becoming a highly democratic, modern nation. It has one of the oldest continuing monarchies in the world going back to over 1,000 years. Today Denmark is known for its Lego, Hans Christian Anderson with his whimsical stories like the Little Mermaid and Danish cinema.

Moving to Denmark means living under good conditions. It is a very eco-friendly country and one of the happiest in the world. Its population of almost six million people live a comfortable lifestyle with five weeks of paid holiday and flexible working conditions. But most of all, you can find satisfaction and happiness in the Danish philosophy ‘hygge’, a word which encapsulates a cosy and special feeling or moment – anything from a pork roast, to candle light, to staying in with your friends stroking a dog on a cold night.

Finding Accommodation

In Denmark, you can choose to live in either flats or suburban houses. Cities are mostly made up of flats whereas houses are most common in suburbs.

To find accommodation, you can look up listings in newspapers or online. Real estate agents are another option and will arrange viewings.

Tenancy agreements usually require you to stay a minimum of 180 days and it is typical to be asked for a deposit of up to three months of rent. Make sure to sign your lease with your landlord once you have found a place to secure the rent.


Denmark ranks as having one of the best educational systems in the world and it prides itself on offering free education and generous support to all residents. Public primary and secondary school, known as Folkeskole, go from ages 6 to 16. Afterwards, you have the choice to move on to upper secondary school, Gymnasium, or take on vocational training. Most children attend state-run schools, though one in six go to private school which, whilst are fee-paying, can be supported by a voucher system.

Children who have a foreign language as their mother tongue are still entitled to education and will in fact be offered Danish language and culture classes. Of course, you do always have the option of International Schools which can be taught in English, French, German and many other languages.


Denmark is a very bike-friendly country with designated lanes and routes around the towns and cities. This is due to their environmentally friendly attitude, giving Denmark its reputation as one of the greenest countries in the world.

Denmark is renowned for its high-standard of living, with a huge importance placed on having a good work life balance. There is a generous holiday allowance, especially for families who also benefit from parental allowance and subsidised childcare. With one of the shortest working weeks in Europe, you will have plenty of free time to explore the country!  

Good to Know

If you have a work contract and have received your CPR number (ID number), then you are entitled to free introductory Danish language lessons for 18 months.

The Danish like to practise good etiquette; people are very punctual which means you should always be on time anywhere you go. When invited to someone’s home, bring a small gift for the host – it will be much appreciated.

Denmark can have quite high living costs, so expect to pay more when purchasing everyday items.

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