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Important Update

Global Mobility Survey

Global Assignee Management

Whether looking to expand into new territories or to leverage your human capital in core markets, Santa Fe has the global assignment management expertise to support the needs of your business and your employees on assignment.

Santa Fe currently works for a global customer base of blue-chip clients providing assignment management services on a regional and global level.

Global Assignment Management Services Built Around Your Needs

Depending on your business requirements, Santa Fe’s global assignment management programmes enable you to outsource as much of the management process as you need. Santa Fe’s dedicated global assignment team provides highly personalised relocation services, managing every aspect of the assignment with minimal resource requirements from your business.

From initial policy services to delivering assignment services worldwide, you can be certain that at each stage your employees on assignment and your department have the backing of experienced assignment management professionals with specialist skills every step of the way.

Assignment Administration

Santa Fe can manage all aspects of expatriate administration and global mobility for your business. Santa Fe provides your business with a team of highly experienced assignment management specialists, led by a dedicated Account Director.

Programme Consultation & Planning

Our Global Mobility Consulting Services team can provide a review of your strategic business and department objectives, advising on the most effective assignment management solution for your business. Santa Fe can then work with you to develop your mobility policy before a highly trained implementation team seamlessly transitions your assignment programme and related systems. Santa Fe provides all the services required to enable outsourcing of the administration of your assignment programme including providing balance sheet calculations, cost projections, managing exceptions and full reporting capabilities.

Single Point of Control & Accountability

Santa Fe offers your business a single point of control for administration of your entire assignment programme. At Santa Fe all lines of accountability and control remain clear.

Supporting Your Employees on Assignment

Santa Fe manages and administers every aspect of each assignment, for the duration of your relocating employees’ expatriate lifecycles. From the initial offer letter, Santa Fe provides your relocating employees with a single point of coordination, managing all the aspects of the relocation into one seamless service, starting with the pre-assignment briefing of the relocating employee; through ongoing assignment support as well as their repatriation.

Financial Management

Santa Fe is able to manage all assignment-related expenses from compensation administration, arranging and tracking payments, transparent reporting of expenditure for tax compliance and expatriate payroll solutions.

Supply Chain Management

Santa Fe's World Link programme opens your business to our Global Network of own offices and Approved Partners. Santa Fe provides full vendor management, including integration of your own preferred suppliers.

24/7 Service

Santa Fe's dedicated customer service line provides 24 hour support for Santa Fe’s customers worldwide. It is specifically designed to support you and your assignees, providing 24/7 access to the person who is most able to help with your requirements.

Managing Performance

Santa Fe ensures that your global assignment programme, and every part of the service delivery, is compliant and adheres to a pre agreed Service Level Agreement.

World Link is Santa Fe’s unique communication and management programme that links the Global Network of Approved Partners involved in delivering assignment services. From tax specialists to local Santa Fe home search consultants, World Link ensures that everyone involved is consistently managed to the standards stipulated in your policy.

Controlling Costs

Santa Fe will work with you to proactively manage the costs of your global assignment programme. From accurate tracking and reporting of costs in a tax compliant manner, to monitoring supplier costs using techniques such as Total Cost Reporting, understanding where your key impact areas are and implementing cost saving initiatives such as Gain Share – Santa Fe will ensure your global assignment programme is as cost efficient as possible.

What is Included:

  • Detailed review of the assignment process
  • Policy review, benchmarking and design
  • Administration of relocation benefits
  • Exceptions management
  • Payments management
  • Supplier selection and management
  • Secondment management
  • Electronic initiations
  • Online document repository
  • Setting up of reporting
  • Year-end reporting and liaison with tax providers
  • Extranet portal access


  • Reduced administration
  • Professional advice from a dedicated Account Director
  • Experienced assignment management team
  • Flexible and responsive service
  • 24/7 support