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Important Update

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School Search

If your relocating employee has school age children, the choice of school is critical to the decision-making process and will influence the whole family’s perception of their new location. Securing appropriate school places will expedite the relocation process and positively impact your relocating employee’s performance in the workplace.

Locally Based School Search Experts

Santa Fe Relocation Services provides a professional school search programme which takes in to account existing and future education plans. Santa Fe also caters for specialist education requirements such as special needs schooling. Santa Fe always uses school search professionals with detailed knowledge and experience of the local schooling systems.

 School Search: What is Included

  • Detailed school search needs analysis
  • Set up interviews with schools
  • Assist with registration
  • School search comparisons

 School Search: Benefits

  • Independent advice by education professionals
  • School search delivered by school search professionals with expert local knowledge and education experience
  • Local intelligence and ongoing consultation to benefit your policy