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Tenancy Management

Managing multiple tenancies as part of a relocation programme can be administratively intensive for your department. For the relocating employee, dealing with tradesmen, suppliers and leases is an unwelcome and time consuming distraction too.

Santa Fe International Relocation’s tenancy management service reduces the impact on both you and your relocating employees.

Santa Fe Relocation Services provides full support throughout the period of the tenancy, assisting with lease negotiations and dilapidations so that you do not have to.

Santa Fe Relocation Services also provides payment services that ensure you maintain control of your tenancy costs at all times.

 Tenancy Management: What is Included

  • Lease negotiation and renewal
  • Arrange payment of deposits
  • Manage maintenance issues
  • Ensure Landlords maintain up to date safety certificates
  • Out of hours support for emergencies
  • Notification of lease renewal
  • Recovery of security deposit

 Tenancy Management: Benefits

  • Reduces administrative demands on your department and your relocating employee
  • Ensures the happiness of your relocating employees
  • Minimises deductions from security deposits
  • Ensures Landlords fulfil their obligations