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Global Visa and Immigration Services

Santa Fe have one of the largest and most experienced visa and immigration legal practices in the global mobility business, designed  to make the visa and immigration process easy for you and your people.

We offer a full range of services to both companies and individuals including:

  • Corporation level Visa and Immigration consulting assignments
  •  Visa and Immigration assessment consultations, visa pre-screening, easy visa tracking and renewal, and compliant visa cancellation services.
  • Consular Services - visa documentation collection and application assistance through to visa issuance and delivery.
  • Employment permit application advice and application support.
  • Compliance support for business travelers and local hiring process reviews and audits
  • Training and Education support for your employees on relevant aspects of Visa and Immigration rules and regulations enabling you to keep up to date through both face to face and web-based seminars.
  • Guidance and advisory notes are provided regularly to keep our clients updated on the latest law/rules changes that affect them.

Our Business Traveler Tool  has been specially designed by visa and immigration specialists that helps companies manage the risks, security concerns and compliance overhead of handling immigration, tax and social security regulations across borders.

Let our global team of local specialists guide and assist you through the immigration process.

Our Visa and Immigration staff comprise about 200 people in nearly 50 countries and include immigration lawyers, former immigration officials and graduates from our Santa Fe graduate scheme. In addition, we have business partners in an additional 53 countries giving us a truly global coverage. Our immigration services manage thousands of visa applications every year for a multitude of international companies. Our experienced immigration experts and migration agents handle the immigration process and provide simple reporting and guidance on immigration matters.