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Motorbike Shipping

We specialise in shipping motorbikes from Europe to over 100 destinations around the world. A selection of different motorbike shipping options are available.

Shipping Motorbikes by shared container

Your motorbike is in a protected shell within a container that may contain other motorcycles or household goods, this is a cost effective option.

Airfreight your motorbike bike

Crated bikes can be airfreighted worldwide and we offer great rates for all destinations. In some cases it can be cheaper to airfreight than sea-freight, and of course it is faster.

Secure crating for your motorbike. All shipping crates are individually built to the exact measurements of each bike. First the bike is positioned on to a heavy duty base before both wheels and the stand are secured with wooden chocks. Strap banding is fed through the wheels and over the frame being careful to protect areas of contact with foam padding to ensure all paintwork is covered before the straps are tensioned in place. When secured to the base and crate sides are in position, bikes are braced using lengths of timber within the crate with more foam padding ensuring paintwork remains protected. The top of the crate is then secured before the whole crate is externally strap and a uniquely numbered seal is applied providing a tamper proof shipping unit.

For a bespoke and highly individual motorbike shipping service and for more information about our great rates and worldwide shipping services, you can request a quotation using the form at the top of this page or if you would like to speak to one of our team you can call us Free on 0208 961 4141.