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Important Update

Excess Baggage

Santa Fe is a leading international removal company.

As one of the world’s largest shippers, we have been providing international baggage and unaccompanied airfreight services to international students, holiday makers and businesses for many years.

So if you have a few items of personal effects to send overseas, luggage or baggage, we can arrange to collect, ship and deliver your goods overseas.

Why choose Santa Fe Baggage Service?


Santa Fe moves more household effects overseas than any other mover. Our processes are tried and tested and audited as part of our quality ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Local Service.

Our service will be delivered to you by one of our network of branches. If you need cartons, we’ll deliver them to your door.

Santa Fe offers a door-to-door baggage service. Your baggage will be delivered by either our network partner at destination or by our selected carrier. We have an extensive global network including, our own offices which are located in 56 countries around the world.

Which Service is best for you?

Air Freight: The quickest and most efficient service available. Items can arrive at your door in a matter of days no matter where in the world your destination is.

Road Freight: Great for domestic and European moves, your items go from door to door on one truck

Sea Freight: Best for big moves, all your items can be sent in a container anywhere in the world.