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Important Update

Excess Baggage by Air

Air freight is the quick and convenient way to send your unaccompanied or excess baggage overseas. Save on airport hotel bills and work/holiday schedule disruptions by letting us take on the responsibility for transporting your excess baggage; either to your destination airport or to your door.

Excess Baggage's approach takes things to an even higher level, thanks to an unrivalled network with access to today's widest range of competitively priced air freight services.

What does Door to Door Service by Air cost?

Much less than you might imagine, with prices based on total weight, or on size for items such as bicycles and surfboards. Why not use our excess baggage quote system, which provides you with instant pricing and allows you book and pay online.

Door to Door Service

Our full service air freight package. From the time we pick up your unaccompanied baggage to its delivery at destination, we handle everything for you. All standard clearance and delivery charges are pre-paid in the UK, and your excess baggage will be delivered to your home. ( Door to door only on selective routes)

Door to Destination Airport

Once your unaccompanied baggage has arrived at its destination airport, you will be contacted to personally collect and clear it through customs - settling all destination charges as necessary.

A few things to remember

Getting someone else to collect.

If you wish someone else to collect your baggage, you must provide Santa Fe with a letter of authority (in some countries you are still required to collect your unaccompanied baggage personally).

Security handling.

All unaccompanied baggage requires a fully completed security declaration form.

Items that we cannot ship.

Aerosols, batteries, explosives, corrosives, firearms and ammunition, radioactive material, perfume, pressurised or unpressurised cylinders and/or similar type containers, paint, fuel and/or fuel tanks, or weapons of any description, etc.

Baggage containing such items may be subject to delay and extra charges, which will be debited to the sender's account.

Please note that your baggage may be subject to X-ray and/or hand search at the complete discretion of our own security staff and airline or airport security. A 24-hour security holding period is mandatory.