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Local & Domestic Moving

There are many reasons why people move either locally or long distances, but within the same country. From new working prospects, to a better quality of life, to simply just a change of scenery, moving to a different area can open you up to a whole host of new opportunities. Wherever you’re planning on moving to, starting a new life requires endless planning and dedication.

From securing new jobs, to researching prospective schools, the task can seem endless and that’s without even taking into account moving your possessions. At Santa Fe we specialise in residential moving and we can take care of all your removals, leaving you time to concentrate on tying up loose ends.

Residential Removals

We’re experienced in handling all kinds of excess baggage from clothes and books to more bulky and awkward items such as large furniture. When embarking upon a whole new life, many choose to take wardrobes, tables and desks with them, enjoying the benefits of being surrounded by familiar objects.

For this same reason, many people choose to take their own beds with them when they move. This is especially common with families with children, helping them to settle in more quickly. We’re able to safely transport items of all sizes to your new location, with minimal fuss and complications to ensure your residential moving experience remains as stress free as possible.

We’re also used to handling items of sentimental value as well as delicate and fragile possessions. Our staff always take the utmost care when handling your belongings, so you rest assured your items are in the best care possible, waiting for you when you arrive at your chosen destination. We can even help with the unpacking process, to allow you to settle into your new life with ease.

Whether you’re travelling alone or moving your entire family, we work to your needs and ship just essential excess baggage or the entire contents of your home if that’s what you wish. Alongside our full packing services we’re also able to offer a broader range of handyman services.