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Moving with Pets

Whether you’re moving down the road or across the globe, your family’s comfort, safety and stress levels are of utmost importance. As a much-loved part of the family, the same applies for your pets. The right preparation can make all the difference to everyone’s stress levels. This is where Santa Fe can help!

How can we help?

Before departure you will need to be aware of the importation procedures and quarantine duration for the destination. It is also a good idea to consider the new environment and its suitability for your animal. We can help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Santa Fe provides pet shipping and transport services with experienced pet transportation professionals. We offer a specific plan for all of your pet travel needs. Trust our safe and personal service for your loved ones’ comfortable transport anywhere in the world. Our goal is to provide an all-accommodating, first class international pet relocation service for you.

Pet Relocation Services we provide:

  • Pre-trip documentation, including import permit application and transit paperwork
  • Arrangement of EU Pet Passports
  • Destination import arrangements, including customs clearance
  • Door-to-door transport. Your pet may need to visit a local kennel and vet, before travelling to the airport and quarantine location (if required), before reaching your new home
  • Determining the best travel schedule, based on airline carrier routes and restrictions
  • Updates on your pet’s condition and status during transit
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Travel Process

How your pets travel will depend on the size of your animal, the travel period and climate, animal import restrictions of the destination, airline restrictions and other factors. Santa Fe can help you choose the best option for your pet.

In some cases, your pet can travel on the same flight as you. On these flights, the pilot and co-pilot will be notified that your animal is travelling so they can monitor the climate conditions of the area in which they are located.

Alternatively, your furry friend may need to travel on a separate itinerary. In such cases, your pet may stay overnight in an airport pet facility. Many of these facilities have trained vets who observe the condition of the animals and, where possible, give them the opportunity to stretch their legs before continuing their journey.

Certain countries will require quarantine of all animals upon arrival, although in many cases this can be completed in the owner’s home. Contact Santa Fe to find out about your destination’s quarantine requirements.

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Top Tip: Passport or Vet Certification

When travelling internationally with animals, it is important to make the relevant veterinary records available to the authorities. There is an official pet passport for travel within the EU, but other countries also require detailed health information for all animals. The required information varies according to destination and origin countries, but Santa Fe can assist you in assembling this information.

If you are travelling within the European Union with your dog, cat or ferret, it is worth acquiring an EU Pet Passport. This passport simplifies the process of travelling with your pet within the EU.

To obtain a pet passport, contact a veterinarian in your home country (EU). The animal will require a microchip or tattoo to associate the pet with the passport. A rabies vaccination must be given and recorded in the passport. An additional treatment for tapeworm is also required for pets travelling to Finland, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom.

Further detail on the EU Pet Passport, including a list of the neighbouring countries in which it also applies, can be found on the EU website.

For more information about relocating with pets, contact Santa Fe today!