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Immigration Update | Tanzania

Posted: 31/10/2017              Author: Paolo Longo

31 October 2017

Auditing for all residence permits for Foreigners in Tanzania

  • On 5 October, 2017, the Immigration Commissioner responsible for border control at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. Samwel Magweiga, notified the public that all foreign nationals who have residence permits are required to have their residence permits reviewed within a 30-day period.
  • The timeline granted for the residence permits review process is 30 days i.e from 5 October to 4 November, 2017.
  • It was directed that the foreign nationals should present their original residence permits to the nearest immigration office for review as from the date of the notice to do so.

Who is affected:

  • All foreign nationals holding residence permits in Tanzania, including foreign business owners (investors), employees (workers), students and their family members (dependents).


  • Tanzania has moved to verify the immigration status of foreign nationals in the country twice for this year, 2017. A similar step was taken back in March when the Tanzanian Ministry of Labour ordered all foreign nationals working in Tanzania for more than 180 days to present their original work permits for review. A similar step was taken by the Immigration Department the process which involved online residence permits verification.
  • The essence behind these government moves is for the respective ministries to curb the employers’ tendency in hiring non-Tanzanians without proper documentation as well as the foreign nationals’ tendency of not reporting changes of address to local immigration offices when they move to a different region.


  • Businesses and foreign nationals who fail to comply with the reporting requirement will face financial penalties and jail term. 

How Santa Fe can assist:

  • Santa Fe can support any foreign national in presenting the residence permits at the Immigration Department for review.
  • Keep clients updated on further developments from the Tanzanian Department of Immigration Services.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Paolo Longo
Relocation Service Director - Africa
Santa Fe Relocation
South Africa
T: +27 10 595 2334
D: +27 10 595 2337
M: +27 83 6777949

Byron Lewis
Regional Immigration Manager
Santa Fe Relocation
Hong Kong
D: +852 2586 6023
M: +852 9023 3109

Soumeya Messadi
Head of Immigration Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa
Santa Fe Group
D: +65 6398 3520
M: +65 9169 6061