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Immigration Update – Taiwan Adds Customs Declaration Requirement

Posted: 24/04/2015              Author: Carrie Yang

Taiwan Adds Customs Declaration Requirement

Taiwan announces new declaration procedure

Taiwan officials announced a new regulation requiring all individuals importing household goods shipments into Taiwan to declare the goods upon arrival into Taiwan and not before.

A declaration form can be found on the flight into Taiwan or filled out beforehand by request.

Declaration instructions: For description of articles write, “personal effects”, state the same quantity as on your packing list, and roughly estimate the value. After picking up your baggage proceed through the, “Goods to Declare” (red) line, and hand the officer the completed form. They will then enter that information into the Customs System which will then allow your shipment to go through tax free. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in your shipment being taxed in full.

Further, all shipments are subject to inspection, excluding diplomatic shipments, and goods must arrive within 6 months of the owner’s entry into Taiwan.

Used household goods and personal effects normally are entitled to be cleared duty/tax free if full documentation is presented to customs.

In shipping household goods, Santa Fe also points out the following guidelines and issues to customers:

Air Shipments: Shippers should advise Santa Fe by fax / e-mail all related information such as AWB No., number of packages, weight, and contact name/number of company. The average time for clearance after arrival is 2-3 working days.

Sea Shipments: Containers must be unloaded at the customs bonded warehouse for inspection. After customs clearance, shipment will be transported to the residence by truck/van. The average time for clearance is 3-4 days for sea shipments.

Automobiles: Non-diplomatic shippers are discouraged from shipping used vehicles to Taiwan. Motor vehicles must pass an environmental test performed by the Taiwanese government and they are likely to fail or require expensive modifications. If the vehicle fails it will be returned to the country of origin at the owner's expense. Owners can apply for an import permit in advance for used vehicles through the Board of Foreign Trade if the car's value is more than USD$20,000.

Food items: Non-perishable food items may be imported in small amounts in sea shipments only. Food is subject to duty even confiscated if the amount is too large as part of the sea shipment. Do not send food by air.

Electronic appliances: Each family is only allowed to bring in one of each of the following: stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, air conditioner, TV set, stereo set, amplifier, turn table, speaker set, tape deck, receiver, video player, and dehumidifier. Anything considered more than a reasonable amount will be subject to import duty and tax. Duty rates for electrical items are from 5 percent to 19.2 percent of the assessed value.

Pets: Pets may be imported into Taiwan but require an import permit and quarantine in Taiwan. Taiwan also requires health certificates and rabies vaccination proof from government or state sponsored organizations.

Drugs and medicine: These items are not allowed to be imported in household goods shipments. Taiwan authorities recommend carrying every day medicines in hand.

Wine and liquor: A maximum of 5 litres may be imported in sea shipments only. Always confirm before shipping. Do not ship by air. Two litres may be imported duty free. Duties apply with more than 2 litres. Beverages with less than 20 percent alcohol will be charged tax at NTD 7 per percentage point. Beverages with more than 20 percent will be charged NTD 185 per litre. Duties depend on type of beverage as follows:

  • Wine 40%
  • Sparkling Wine/Champagne 20%
  • Whisky & Beer Free
  • Do not ship any alcohol without seeking guidance or written permission from Santa Fe Taiwan

Restricted items: Tobacco, explosives, arms and ammunition, pornographic materials, firearms, swords, long knives, ammunition, and any item considered to be detrimental to national security are prohibited.

Required documentation:

  • Declaration form completed and provided to airport customs upon arrival in Taiwan (must state, “personal effects”, number of packages, and value)
  • Copy of Passport Photo & Signature Pages (must be clear and legible)
  • Copy of Boarding Pass showing entry into Taiwan
  • Copy of Entrance Stamp into Taiwan (matching boarding pass) – Do not use the express entry option at immigration as this does not provide an entry stamp. If no entry stamp is received the shipper must apply for an entry certificate.
  • Copy of ARC or Work Permit or letter from employer – Citizens of other countries
  • Taiwanese citizens only – copy of front and back of Taiwan ID card (身份證)
  • Taiwan Customs document (Santa Fe will provide this form) (個案委任書)
  • Packing List / Bill of Lading & Airway Bill

Important: This information is intended for general guidance. We strongly urge people shipping household goods to Taiwan to contact the Santa Fe Taiwan and the Taiwan customs office prior to importation.

For more information on this issue and further customs information in Taiwan please feel free to contact …

Carrie Yang


Tel: +886 2 2749 4420 ext. 101

Fax: +886 2 2749 4039


Jim Hill


Tel: +886 2 2749 4420 ext. 109

Fax: +886 2 2749 4039

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