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Australia Business relaunches Wridgways Brand

Posted: 01/11/2017              Author: Wridgways

We are pleased to announce that our Australia Moving business is relaunching under the Wridgways name.

This is one of a series of exciting changes taking place with our Australia business and we wanted to share this with our entire global network.  By leveraging the company’s 125 years of experience in the moving industry we will be embarking on a bold new journey towards a future which truly celebrates what sets us apart from our competition. 

The Santa Fe Relocation name is synonymous with relocation services, and while this is an important part of our Australian business, it is not a name which holds similar meaning for the families who use our moving services business in this region.

The new logo retains the iconic Red Horse and notes the important place Wridgways holds in the Santa Fe Relocation family through it's tagline.  We have invested heavily in our Australian market recognising the opportunity to better serve our customers. This investment in our systems will better serve our customers and includes a brand new digital platform powered by Salesforce, the #1 Customer Management tool in the world.

Other changes taking place include:

  • renewed focus on customer experience and adding value at every touchpoint
  • re-energised culture around our core values of Drive, Quality, Integrity and our People, as well and new leadership
  • new website with unique Instant Price Quotation feature and improved user experience

Why are we relaunching the Wridgways Brand?

We believe that bringing the Wridgways name back into the limelight, celebrates the strength of our Australian spirit, with a focus on moving forward in the digital age, delivering the highest quality of service, and making it easy for each and every one of our customers.

Why do the website and social media pages say Wridgways but some of our trucks and boxes don't just yet?

For the moment, we have decided to digitally launch our new brand which allows our customers and suppliers to see how excited we are about the changes happening within our Australian business.

There will be many more changes to come, but we are about to enter into our busiest period of the year and we want every member of our team to be able to focus 100% of their attention on providing the highest possible quality of service to our customers.

We will be phasing in newly branded boxes, vehicles and uniforms, until eventually the new brand is all you will see.

So, does this mean that the corporate brands will keep the Santa Fe Relocation name?

Yes, our corporate relocation, immigration and commercial brand will remain as Santa Fe Relocation.  These services align with our global brands, and are the names that hold the most value in the corporate and international markets.

Check out our website at to access a range of great resources for anyone moving around Australia or across the globe.

The website also features a list of the exciting firsts for our Australian business, including:
·         1914 – The first interstate removal completed by road. From Melbourne to Brisbane, this was a 6 week return trip.
·         1926 – The first owner/driver employed in road transport in Australia! Mr Herbert Wridgway; who sub-contracted to his father and Wridgways founder, Ernest Wridgway.
·         1927 – The first international shipment took place, utilising a lift van and shipped on a door-to-door basis. This first occurred from Melbourne, AUS to San Francisco, USA.
·         1934 – The first multi-storey furniture repository was built, solely for furniture storage.
·         1961 – The first public company formed in Australia engaged solely in furniture removals.
·         1962 – The first palletised containers used for storage were introduced. These were known as ‘homepacks’ and this practice has now been adopted by many US carriers.
·         1966 – The first removalists in the world to move furniture using containers. These were carried by road and rail and built to standard specifications.
·         1999 – The first removal company to list on the Australian Stock Exchange.
·         2005 – Inventors of the plasma carton for the protective packaging and safe transportation of large screen TVs.

We look forward to the next 125 years of helping Australian families move memories and thrive in new places.