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Beijing and Dalian Import Update - Packing List and Import Items Declaration List

Posted: 01/12/2015              Author: Julia Zhu

Focus on the accuracy of packing/import items declaration list for import shipments to Beijing and Dalian

All packing lists for import shipments into Beijing and Dalian are required to accurately describe the articles being imported. Descriptions such as ‘living room articles’, ‘bathroom articles’ and ‘garage articles’ are not accepted. Instead it should be listed in a manner that clearly describes the item: ie cabinet, sofa, books, magazines, tools, camera, computer, vacuum cleaner, shampoo, lotion and towels and so forth. For dutiable items such as electronic and electrical appliances, the brand name, quantity and special information including model are also required to be listed on the Packing and Import Items Declaration Lists. For further information, please do refer to the Import Items Declaration List for special requirements and dutiable articles. The list should be collected from the shipper prior to despatching the shipment from origin.

Please do note that any incorrectly declared packing list is likely to delay the importation of the shipment, incurring unnecessary port demurrage and additional handling charges which will be billed back to the shipper and / or moving agent’s account. Furthermore, any legal responsibility arising out of such mis-declarations will be placed on the shipper and moving agent.

Should you have any questions, or you would like us to send you an Import Items Declaration, please contact:

For Beijing

Julia Zhu

Sales Manager, Household Goods Division
Santa Fe Relocation Services
Beijing, China
T: (86-10) 6947-0688 ext 201
F: (86-10) 6947-0699
M: (86) 138-1158-6496

For Dalian

Joanna Zhou, Vice HHG Division Manager 
Santa Fe Relocation Services-Dalian, China
Tel: (86 - 411) 82590101 x 210 
Mobile: (86) 135 91164974 
Fax: (86 - 411) 82590202