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Moving Overseas with Dual Career Spouses

Posted: 15/12/2014              Author: Jane Riley

The process of relocating to a new country can be long and exhaustive, with many people opting for the convenience of relocation services. The significant advantage of relocation services specialists is that we take care of all the important things - from general relocation management, to assistance with travel arrangements, home sale, finding a residence in your new city, schools for your children, cross-cultural and language training, even partner and career support. The main bonus being that your requirements will be fulfilled by experts who have an in-depth knowledge of the above areas.

One of the hardest parts of moving your family overseas is often ensuring that your spouse is happy and looked after just as much as you are. Concerns relating to familial satisfaction and spousal careers are among some of the most common reasons expats turn down international employment opportunities. The focus is often on the partner who has accepted the job as the family prepares for their big move, while the partner may get overlooked.

We've provided some key ideas to consider when moving abroad with your partner to ensure the highest level of satisfaction possible for your whole family from the get-go:

Make their job search a priority - Given that your partner wants to work while living overseas, make sure that their job search is just as important as moving you all abroad was; this new adventure should be enjoyed by everyone! Both partners working while living abroad quickly leads to higher levels of satisfaction; often due to being kept busy from the outset and not leaving one at home to explore their new surroundings alone while the other is at work.

Enrol in career workshops - Attending seminars or career workshops in your new area are fantastic tools to utilise when searching for a job, and come with the added benefit of being in-person and not over the phone or internet, therefore increasing your chances of securing employment.

Subscribe to publications and sign up to support groups - Subscribing to publications or joining groups that will assist your spouse in finding a job is a fantastic place to start. You may also find people with similar interests and hobbies along the way.

Make an effort to meet new people - Never underestimate the power of making friends in your new city - it could mean the difference between the beginning of a fantastic new adventure discovering incredible places and things to do, and the dissatisfaction of being unhappy due to the lack of social interaction.

Join professional networks - The joining of local professional and informal networks to help connect with others and make important business contacts is an imperative step in the job hunting process. Relocation service providers can recommend specific career websites or resources and may send out a regular newsletter to announce new offerings. Trying to find this information yourself through a general search can be a long and disheartening process - leave it to the experts at Santa Fe Relocation Services; we're more than happy to help!

The process of settling in can be overwhelming. If you're having difficulty settling into your new environment, contact our Santa Fe Relocation Services consultants today. Our specialist services are structured to assist you with all aspects of your move, so that you can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of your new adventure.