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Moving Customs Update, Shanghai, China

Posted: 25/06/2015              Author: James Gooding

Changes in Shanghai Customs Clearance Procedures 

Dear Client,

Since late June, Shanghai Customs is working to process a backlog of customs clearance applications and we expect that our clients may experience delays in the customs clearance process, with the impact being that our clients’ passports are possibly needed by Customs for longer – potentially impacting and delaying departure flights etc.  

Additionally, Santa Fe Relocation Services has been informed by the Shanghai Customs Office of a new process, which will be effective from July 1 that covers the exportation of Full Container Load (FCL) shipments out of Shanghai. 

The new process, effective from July 1, 2015 is as follows:

  • After packing, Santa Fe will need to book the vessel and receive the confirmation from the shipping line. The shipping line is only able to provide Santa Fe with the formal confirmation approx. 5 working days prior to vessel’s estimated time of departure (ETD).
  • Once Santa Fe receives the formal confirmation from the shipping line, we then require the client’s original passport with Chinese Residence Visa & Chinese Work Permit or the original Chinese Work Permit Cancellation letter for 3 - 4 working days to complete the shipment customs clearance process. 

This process is significantly different to the current process and we anticipate the following potential issues that may negatively impact our clients, due to this change in current process:

  • During the summer peak season, there may be challenges in booking the vessel (for reasons such as cancellation of the vessels scheduled sailing, lack of container space etc), which may cause delays. This means that our clients may need to stay longer in temporary accommodation while the formalities of customs are arranged. 
  • Until Customs further clarifies this change in process, we will be unable to provide estimated departure timing on when our clients can book their departure flights.
  • If our clients destination documentation/visa/work permits etc. are not ready, we anticipate that this may cause additional difficulties.
  • Ultimately, we believe this will result in longer door-to-door transit times.

We apologize for any potential negative impact, however, these changes are outside of Santa Fe’s direct influence and control.

For further information please contact:

James Gooding, GMS
General Manager - China
Santa Fe Relocation Services
Shanghai, China
Tel: (86 21) 6233 9700 ext. 201
Mob: (86) 1370 185 2217
Fax: (86 21) 6233 9005