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Gabriela Bertinchamps

Move from Riyadh to Dubai


Dear Kim,

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

I am writing to express my appreciation to the work Judith Baptista has deliver over past couple of weeks, as she was arranging for my move from Riyadh do Dubai. She is extremely thoughtful, anticipating the needs and addressing them promptly, very organised, incredibly logical, kind and supportive. Very pleasant experience!

Moreover, the KSA crew that packed my stuff for shipment, along with other staff members of your KSA Partner that contacted me to arrange for the move and conducted the survey - exceptional, neat, professional!

Congratulations and many thanks.

Best regards,

Gabriela Bertinchamps


Mr Philippe CHERVI

Sea shipment from Paris to Abu Dhabi

A worldwide audit and consulting company

Hi Judith,

I answered the questionnaire and I just wanted to tell you how I was pleased with the professional service SantaFe and you provided (communication clarity, client expectation management), as well as InterDean in France (great packing, minimal damage).
I wished I’d move more often!

Kind regards,

Mr Philippe CHERVI

Abu Dhabi

Mr. A Srivastava

Moving Services

An International Financial Institution

Dear Srashti:

Many thanks for your kind cooperation and deputing highly trained, efficient, effective and honest team of packers and loaders. The said team managed the entire exercise very efficiently and effectively. We were thoroughly impressed with highest degree of professionalism, honesty, impeccable integrity and dedication of the strong team led by Manmohan and under your vigilant supervision and continued follow-ups. The entire team scored 10 out of 10 in all aspects. We are really delighted with the experience indeed.


Kate A

International Moving

Private Consumer

Dear Mr White.

I wanted to extend my thanks to the Santa Fe team in Beijing for all their help on my recent move from Beijing back to the UK. In particular, Derrick Tang and Gwen Er were extremely helpful and did a fantastic job, and I wanted to make sure their hard work was flagged up. They answered all my questions quickly and patiently and the move itself went very smoothly. Whats more, my shipment arrived in just 7 weeks, unlike the 10-12 weeks quoted by other companies, so all in all I was extremely happy with the service provided and will be sure to recommend Santa Fe to any colleagues who are considering a move.

I hope that feedback is helpful.

Best wishes,

Kate A

Kate A

Moving Services


在我近期从北京搬家回英国的过程中,对于华辉北京团队对我们的诸多帮助我在此表示衷心地感谢。为了确保他们的努力工作会被知晓与表彰,我特地以此表达由衷的感谢唐林和耳桂林对我们特别贴心的帮助并且工作十分出色,每一位员工总能迅速又耐心地解答了我所有的问题,从而使得搬家本身变得特别简单而且顺畅。 更值得一提的是, 我的货物只用了7周就到达了目的地, 这完全不同于任何其他搬家公司给我10-12周的预估, 总之这一切由你们提供的服务真的让我感到非常满意。 我确定将来一定会向任何考虑搬家的同事朋友隆重的推荐你们的服务。


Kate A.



A global aircraft manufacturing company

Dear Julien.

My wife and I thank you very much for the well-organised look and see trip. I’d like to specially highlight the great sightseeing tour with Lucia. She has done so great and it was so useful to my wife and me…Once again we like to thank you Julien for the great and professional service you gave us right from the beginning. Good to know Airbus has chosen the best relocation company in Beijing.

My best regards,

Kai-Fu Lee

Moving Services

Private Consumer

“I just wanted to write and thank your team for the great job they did during our move, from Beijing to Taipei.

Your whole team was dedicated, courteous, worked very long hours, and went well beyond call of duty. And when we misplaced something, they went through all the boxes to locate it for us.

We have made about six big moves. This time was by far the best experience. Your team came highly recommend by Mrs Yaqin Zhang, who had a similar great customer experience. A big thank you to you and your team!

The team included: Jason Zhao, Congke Luo, Hongling Zhang, Mengyun Zhang Kang Wang. Mr Luo was particularly wonderful and attentive. And of course Ms Crystal Li was great in setting up and following up.

Your Taiwan team also seemed excellent, after limited interactions. After our big move in Taiwan, I'll send you another (probably also very positive) email!

Congratulations on having such a great team and corporate culture. We hope not to make a big move again, but if we do, we'll definitely use your services again!"

Apoorv Kashyap


Manhattan Associates

Dear Ashwin, Kuldeep and Saahil,

Thanks a lot for the wonderful job in getting my shipment from Bangalore to Sydney.

Ashwin: Thanks a lot to your dedicated team who made the wonderful packaging and made sure that the items are shipped/delivered without any damage. Kudos to the whole team including you who are the unsung hero.

Saahil: Right from day 1 you have taken the highest priority in my concerns and always returned the best possible solution in no time. I appreciate your all help and feedback which helped to get this task complete successfully. Your full support was instrumental in this consignment making on time without any major hiccups.

Kuldeep: you have just been marvellous in putting every effort and planning the shipment meticulously . I admire your skill and appreciate your on time planning . The things got delivered as per the plan without any delay just because of your superb plan and execution.

And last not the least my sincere thanks to entire Santa Fe team for all help .My recommendations will be always for your wonderful team to all your new clients.