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Consulting Services

Busy Global Mobility and HR management are faced with many conflicting pressures. Finding the time to stand back and undertake a strategic view of your Global Mobility Programme can often fall to the bottom of the list of priorities.

Our Global Mobility Consulting Services team provide you with the support and expertise to help you to address the strategic side of your Global Mobility Programme whilst enabling you to maintain focus on the operational aspects of your role.

How We Can Help

We can help with a review of your entire programme or specific areas that need attention.

Whatever your requirement we can help to review, advise and implement improvements that will optimise your mobility programme.

Strategic Direction that is Connected to your Business

We ensure that the strategic solutions we provide are in-touch with your operations. And that your operational model is designed to be connected to your business and mobility strategies.

Our Consulting Services team all have operational backgrounds, including experience of running Global Mobility Programmes and delivering services involved in these programmes. This means that our solutions are grounded in reality and best practice.

Our Approach

A Holistic View - our unique ‘Beehive’ enables us to analyse your business from both a strategic level and an operational perspective.

Transparency - Everything from our pricing structure to the way we engage stakeholders is simple and open.

Everything is Connected - We understand the connectivity between all aspects of your programme and the solutions you require.

Our Services

  • Global Mobility Programme Health Checks’
  • Policy Benchmarking and Design
  • Global Mobility Programme Review
  • Total Cost Management Reviews
  • Global Mobility Supply-Chain Review