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Important Update

Global Mobility Survey

Global Supply Chain Management

Santa Fe provides a single source for all your global assignment service requirements and the management of the entire supply chain.

Our Global Network

We provide your company with a fully vetted and approved global supply chain that you can instantly plug in to so that you and your assignees receive consistently high standards of service worldwide.

Our Approach

We manage and deliver the full range of services to virtually every destination worldwide via our Global Network of own offices and Approved Partners. We manage our own offices and Approved Partners to the same standards. Our Global Supply Management (GSM) team is dedicated to ensuring that our entire network operates to the highest standards and quality of service is monitored from every aspect. We work co-operatively with each point of our service delivery, using customer feedback to drive continual improvement. All of this means that you and your assignees receive a consistently high standard of service in every single location.

Accountability & Transparency

Santa Fe takes responsibility for any service that you receive worldwide via our Global Network. We provide you with transparency of costs and service performance. There are no hidden costs.

Our Own Offices

We have own offices in 56 countries providing services to all of the world’s major world centres and some of the world’s most challenging “New Frontier” locations. The availability of our owned offices enables you to reduce the number of suppliers needed to deliver immigration, moving, real estate and relocation destination services. Which makes economic and common sense.

Approved Partners

Whilst other companies use “suppliers” we prefer to work with Approved Partners who we have selected, audited and approved. These are companies that we have developed a working relationship with over many years of service. They comply to our own “Perfect Relocation” standards, subscribe to our Service Level Agreement and are connected to our technology.

Service Level Agreement & Compliance

Our own offices and Approved Partners work to our Service Level Agreement. This ensures compliance to key global service processes defined in our Perfect Relocation handbook, Code of Conduct, ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management, OHSAS 18001 health & safety and ISO 27001 data protection.

Managing Your Preferred Vendors

We understand that in some cases that you will want to outsource the management of some of your preferred suppliers. Santa Fe can take over the responsibility for this and reduce your administration.