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Important Update

Insurance Cover FAQ's

1)    What is Santa Fe’s shipment protection cover?

Our protection coverage policy offers All Risk Door-to-Door Protection for your household goods, personal effects and automobile moving by land, sea or air. The Policy is underwritten by Aviva PLC and Santa Fe is the owner of the Group Policy.

2)    What is Included in the shipment protection cover?
This group policy offers you "All Risk" coverage on a Door to Door basis, subject to the terms and conditions detailed herein. In addition to standard household goods and personal effects protection coverage, Santa Fe have arranged for additional cover at no additional cost covering you for: 
•    Pairs and Sets coverage
•    Electrical and Mechanical Derangement coverage
•    Mould and Mildew coverage

3)    What is the duration of cover? 
Your coverage under our All Risk Protection Policy begins from the time your goods are professionally packed at your residence and continues during the ordinary course of transit, including customary transhipment, until the goods are finally delivered to your residence. 

The above duration of cover is deemed to include thirty (30) days storage immediately after collection at origin warehouse and thirty (30) days warehouse storage prior to delivery at final destination, provided always that the Goods are stored at a premises of Santa Fe or their agents.

Please note that Self-storage ends delivery and any coverage.
It is important that any requests for further storage coverage extension beyond the free 30 day period are made to us prior to the expiry of the 30 day period. If you would like to request a storage coverage extension for your shipment, please contact your Santa Fe move Co-Ordinator.

4)    Why enrol in Santa Fe’s All Risk Protection Policy?

You can be assured that every care is taken by us to protect your goods from the uncertainty of international transit. Despite this, experience has taught us that sometimes the unexpected can happen and accidental loss and/or damage to your goods may occur and as such we can offer protection coverage. We recommend that you consider this matter and take protection cover for all shipments, including storage.

5)    What is the difference between Lump Sum and itemised coverage and how do I enrol?

(Step 1) Enrol online or using a downloaded Enrolment Form
(Step 2) Select a valuation method.
Lump Sum
Each "cubic meter" of goods is given a fixed value of EUR 2500 per cubic meter. You do not need to complete a valued inventory in detail. There is no need to calculate the value of inexpensive items because each cubic meter is allocated the same value. You will only be required to provide a list of items or sets with a value of EUR1500 or more. 
Item by Item 
You will need to list and to value everything included in your shipment, under the appropriate category. Groupings can be used (e.g. 10 t-shirts at EUR100.00) but it assumed that each item in a grouping is equally valued (e.g. EUR10.00/t-shirt). 

Please make use of the blank spaces provided under each category. If using a downloaded form, please continue on a separate sheet of paper if necessary. Should you feel the form is too restrictive, or if you would prefer to compile your own valued list, please feel free to do so. Please note however, that you should still complete the information at the top of the form, sign and date the enrolment, before returning both documents to Santa Fe.

(Step 3) Return your signed Enrolment form to your Santa Fe Move Coordinator (this must be prior to packing),

6)    Important tips to get the most out of your protection coverage

Every item you intend to move must be declared
This Protection Cover does not allow for selective cover, all items contained within your shipment must be listed and valued. Any items not declared and valued will be treated as uninsured under any circumstance.
Replacement cost at destination
Goods should be valued and covered at the replacement retail cost at destination. This is a new for old policy meaning that in the event of a claim deductions are not made because of an items age.

High valued items
Any item worth more than EUR1500 (or equivalent in other currencies) must be specifically valued and listed separately. 
Please note that Underwriters of our All Risk Protection Policy may require proof of ownership and/or value of any items claimed missing or damaged.
Please provide as much detail about the item as possible. For example, instead of ‘painting’ you can specify ‘Blue beach scene oil painting by artist’. 

Do not undervalue your shipment
In the event of a claim under valuation will be applied.  This is when an item or shipment has not been covered for the replacement retail value. 
As an example, only, if EUR 5000 of cover is purchased for a table where the replacement cost is EUR 10000 and there is a claim against the table. The claim will be limited to the same proportion of the loss as the declared value bears to the value of the goods should have been covered, in this example 50% of the repair cost or 50% of the replacement value. 
Application of average
The application of average will apply in the event of a claim to determine the unit value of an item that has been grouped together. To calculate the unit value the quantity will be divided by the total value. For example, if you have 10 suits worth EUR 500 each you should write:

QTY            ITEM            UNIT    VALUE        VALUE
10                Suits            EUR     500             EUR 5000

However, if two of the suits are worth EUR 100 then you should list them separately; this is to avoid the ‘application of average’ being applied:

QTY              ITEM                                   UNIT VALUE         VALUE
8                   Suits (designer)                    EUR 500               EUR 4000        
2                   Suits (standard)                    EUR 100               EUR 200

7)    What are the cover options available to me? 

Shipping/ moving costs

You can protect the cost of your move for added peace of mind. If your entire shipment does not arrive at the final destination you can claim for the cost of your move. This also covers the shipping costs for any replacement items that cannot be purchased in the destination country. 

Storage Cover Extension
Coverage under this Shipment Protection Policy begins from the time your goods are professionally packed at your residence and continues during the ordinary course of transit, including customary transhipment, until the goods are finally delivered at the agreed final destination. 

The above duration of cover is deemed to include thirty (30) days storage immediately after collection at an origin warehouse and thirty (30) days warehouse storage prior to delivery at final destination, provided that the goods are stored at a premise of Santa Fe and/or their agents.

Storage cover can be extended beyond this period upon your written instruction and in consideration of an additional premium. In the case of long term storage, you may wish to review and update your cover periodically to ensure that it remains adequate.

Please note that Self-storage ends delivery and any coverage.

Wine and liquors 

We can include cover for any wine and or liquors being shipped up to EUR 10,000. Please note that this will only cover breakage and/or loss and does not include consequential losses such as spoilage or change in taste. 

Fine arts 

We can include up to EUR 100,000 of fine arts within this Shipment Protection Policy. If you wish to cover more than EUR 100,000 worth of fine arts in your shipment, please complete our fine arts enrolment form. 

8)    What are the special cover inclusions?
Electrical & Mechanical Derangement

Electrical and mechanical Derangement cover provides protection to any electrical item that is being moved e.g. blenders, toasters, TV’s, DVD players, computers. This cover protects your item if it arrives at destination and doesn’t work but has no visible external damage. 
Goods must have been subject to packing and testing/assessment by Santa Fe or its agents and confirmed to be in good working order. Not applicable to motor vehicles, boats and trailers or items more than 6 years old. 

Pairs & Sets
Limited to the reasonable reduction in value of the pair or set by reason of the loss of or damage to the affected items having regard to the importance of the affected items within the pair or set.

Mould & Mildew
Goods must have been packed by Santa Fe and or its agents. This specifically covers against damages resulting in mould and mildew.
The maximum amount recoverable under the mould and mildew cover is EUR 20,000


To give you a clearer understanding of the main exclusions incorporated within our all risks protection policy, we have provided the below:

9)    What’s excluded?
Damage exclusions
This Protection cover does not cover damages caused by or because of ordinary wear & tear and/or gradual deterioration, seizure or confiscation by authorities (e.g. customs agents), vermin, insect, animal or moth damage. 

Santa Fe use a wide range of packing material and clothes are generally packed in flat and/ or hanging wardrobe cartons. During transport the wrinkling of clothes may occur. 
This protection coverage does not include pressing or laundry/ dry cleaning of clothes due to wrinkling or creasing under any circumstance. 

Handbags and shoes 
We recommend that handbags and shoes are wrapped in tissue paper and placed into the original manufacturer packaging if available. If the original manufacturers packaging is not available, they will be packed into standard cartons.
This protection cover does not include deformation of handbags or shoes (e.g. bending, twisting, wrinkling, scratching, denting, etc.) which may occur during the move process. 

Consequential loss
This policy does not cover consequential losses (i.e. resulting losses) arising from the delay, damage or non-delivery of your shipment, including loss of data. 

Climatic Conditions
Damages caused as a result of climatic change is not covered under this policy. Our packers will pack and protect your items however, even with the best packing materials and procedures personal effects may be affected by the change in temperature and humidity when moving from one location to another. An example of this maybe lacquered furniture cracking.

Owner packed goods
Any items packed by the owner are classified as ‘owner packed goods’ (or abbreviated as PBO). Any damage or missing items in the owner packed cartons or packages are excluded from this coverage. 

Motor vehicles 
Whilst under own power, scratching/denting/marring unless vehicle condition report is completed, non-factory accessories, goods packed in motor vehicles

Excluded items
In no case, shall this Shipment Protection cover bank & treasury notes, firearms, furs, jewellery (including precious metals and stones), money, perishables (e.g. make up, perfumes, food) plants, securities, stamps, watches or weapons. 

10) Documentation
Cover shall only be in place once you have completed and returned your enrolment form to your Santa Fe Move Co-ordinator and a declaration of cover certificate has been issued. This must be prior to packing.
Once packing is completed you will be required to sign the Packing List / Inventory confirming a description of your items, the condition, the number of items packed and removed from your residence.
At time of delivery you will be asked to confirm receipt of the numbered items per the Packing List / Inventory and will be required to sign for receipt of the items.  
If there are any numbered items missing, please ensure they are noted on the packing list and/or Delivery Report. All missing items must be noted on the delivery documents failure to do so could result in your claim being declined. 
All items should be unpacked at time of delivery.  Claims for loss or damage for self-unpacked items will not be considered.

11) What do I do if I need to make a claim? 
1. Claim Notification: 
Log on to within 30 days of delivery and provide a full list of the items you are claiming for.  If you are unable to make your claim notification online, or require assistance please contact your Santa Fe co-ordinator prior to the 30 day notification period expiring for assistance.
Please note: Additional items will not be considered once you have submitted your claim notification, so please ensure you have included all the items you wish to claim for. 
2. Claim Submission
You then have 45 days from the date you filed your claim notification to provide supporting documents, including photographs, repair costs, third party replacement costs. 
Once your claim has been submitted you will be allocated a Claim Handler who will be your point of contact throughout your claim.

12). Concerns
If you have a concern about Santa Fe as an intermediary of this Shipment Protection Policy, you should address your communication to: 

The Claims Department
Santa Fe Relocation Services HQ 
Central Way, 
Park Royal, 
London, NW10 7XW, United Kingdom.

13) Can I cancel my cover?
We hope that you are satisfied with the cover that this policy provides.  However, you have the right to cancel up to fourteen (14) days prior to the policy’s inception (first day of packing) should you wish to do so. Notification must be provided in writing prior to the 14 day time limit, by mail, fax or e-mail to your Santa Fe Co-ordinator.
Should you exercise your right to cancel, we will refund your premium minus a EUR 50 administration fee.