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Important Update

Pet Relocation

Are you relocating your pet? At Santa Fe, we know that your pets are part of your family and that keeping them safe and secure during your move is one of your top priorities.

To ensure that your pets have the smoothest, most uneventful relocation possible, every step of their journey must be carefully planned and implemented. Don’t leave this to chance. Santa Fe and our approved pet relocation providers are experts in pre-trip documentation requirements, airline carrier routes and restrictions, country import and quarantine regulations, and customs clearance procedures. More importantly, we love animals, and we know that your pet’s well-being is your highest concern.

Contact us today! We can help you relocate your pet safely and comfortably.

How can we help you move with your pet?

  • Vaccination certificate / Pet passport
  • Microchip and accompanying paperwork
  • Application and documentation, including import license and transit paperwork
  • Arrangement with destination country for cargo arrival and customs clearance
  • Door to door delivery, including transit between home, kennel, veterinarian, airport, quarantine site if needed and delivery to new home or kennel
  • Flight reservations that consider the best schedule for your pet
  • Updates on your pet during transit

En Route: Is my pet ‘excess baggage’ or ‘cargo?’

Neither! Your pet is part of your family! However, your carrier may refer to your pet as either term. What do they mean? Read our article on pet relocation...

Will my pet have to be quarantined?

Some destination countries will require quarantine upon arrival, but for many this quarantine can be completed in your home. Contact Santa Fe to learn the quarantine requirements in your destination country.

Welcome Home!

Santa Fe and our approved providers will contact you to let you know when your pets have arrived safely and to arrange your happy reunion.

“Thank you Santa Fe Relocation for doing an amazing job getting my two dogs from Los Angeles to Yangon, Myanmar. There were so many unexpected and lat minute details that came up, from import requirements to a major change of hours of operation, and Santa Fe Relocation had the know-how to make it all work. They even had insight that neither the US Embassy here or the Myanmar Embassy in the US could provide. The dogs arrived safe, well nourished, and hydrated, thanks to their connections to international pet care agents. I would definitely use Santa Fe Relocation again for international moves.”

Ambler Moss
International School of Myanmar
July 2014