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Do you need storage for your residential household goods?

Our comprehensive storage services can accommodate all your household items. With Santa Fe’s international storage solutions, items are professionally packed and stored in secure storage vaults at warehouses that meet or exceed the highest standards within the moving and storage industry.

Long Term Storage

If you are planning to move overseas, you may need to leave behind some of your home furnishings. From artwork and large furniture items to small antiques and personal records, your possessions can be safely packed and stored, even for an extended period of time, thanks to Santa Fe’s award-winning packing and moving services.

Short Term Storage

Short term storage is a great solution for people who are in the process of moving house or will be overseas for a short-term assignment. We can safely pack and store your personal items—from a few boxes to the contents of an entire home— until you are ready to have them redelivered, all with our highest quality door-to-door service.

Overseas Storage

If you’re moving abroad, you may find that your goods are due to arrive before you, or that you will live in temporary housing until you find a suitable home. In these cases, you can rest assured knowing that Santa Fe can safely store your items until you are ready to receive them.

Our overseas storage options can help limit the stress of your move to another country by ensuring you’re your precious belongings are nearby and ready to move in whenever you are.

Whatever your reason for needing a storage facility, you can rely on Santa Fe’s global storage solutions to provide you with the highest quality packing and storage services and to keep your items safe and protected.