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Important Update

Lump Sum Assignments

Have you received a lump sum allowance for an individual relocation? Santa Fe can provide you with a customized program with only the services you need.

What is a Lump Sum Assignment?

When relocating employees abroad, an increasing number of companies grant employees a “lump sum” amount to cover all of their relocation expenses. These employees are expected to ship their belongings, arrive in their new location, find suitable housing and schools, and start work fully prepared on “Day One.”

Sounds complicated? It is. Among other things, you would need to find a reputable mover, contact a foreign country to inquire about the visa process, find schools, search for real estate, review a lease in a foreign language, and more! This doesn’t leave much time for your day job.

Lump Sum Relocation Services

Let Santa Fe be your one-stop source for your entire relocation. We offer a complete suite of relocation services, so that you can design a relocation package with only the services you need:

  • Visa and Immigration Services
  • Moving Services
  • Real Estate Services, including home search and temporary housing
  • Relocation Services, including school search and language training

Get Organized! Track your entire relocation with our new mobile app.

Imagine having your visa application status, moving dates, destination guides, lease renewal information, and even the digital photos from your property inspection report—all in one place. With Santa Fe’s new mobile app, you can keep your entire relocation at your fingertips.

For your customized relocation package, contact your local Santa Fe office today!