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Overseas Settling-In Services

When you move to a new country, completing easy day-to-day activities can be a challenge. You will probably need to open a bank account, register with local authorities, set up utilities and apply for ID cards. You may also want to know where to shop for essentials such as groceries, appliances, furniture and more.

With Santa Fe’s settling-in services, our local experts can take the mystery out of your relocation sothat your transition is as smooth as possible. Your orientation program can be tailored to the preciseneeds of your family. Let us know what is important to you!

Your personalized overseas settling-in assistance could include:

  • A tour of your new neighbourhood, including journeys to school and work
  • Shopping for basic essentials such as food, appliances, clothing and furniture
  • Connection of utilities, including security deposits
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Registration with local authorities, embassies or high commissions
  • Applications for personal documentation and identification cards
  • Cross Cultural Training

Contact us today to book your personal settling-in orientation for the destination of your choice!