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Important Update

Short Term Assignments

Have you been asked to take a Short Term Assignment (STA)? With offices in 56 countries across six continents, we have a global team of local specialists dedicated to making your short term assignment relocation a success.

What is a Short-Term Assignment (STA)?

An increasing number of employees are being sent abroad to work on Short-Term Assignments. These short-term assignments are typically one year or less, and can put tremendous pressure on employees due to the compressed nature of the assignment time-frame. STA employees are expected to hit the ground running, despite the usual challenges of finding housing, shipping necessary items, and complying with local registration regulations.

Santa Fe Services for STA employees

We are expert in providing services for employees on Short Term Assignment. Our customized STA relocation packages can include:

  • Short-term visa applications
  • Work permits
  • Local registration
  • Home Search for temporary housing or furnished short-term rentals
  • School Search
  • Mini-moves of your excess baggage or “must-have” possessions

Short Term Assignment Checklist

The ultimate relocation checklist – our new mobile app –allows you to track any and all aspects of your Santa Fe relocation. From the status of your visa to the packing date of your min-move, the mobile app will keep your entire relocation at your fingertips!

Contact your local office today for your customized Short Term Assignment Relocation Package, with only the services you need.