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Permanent Residency

For many, obtaining residency in Britain can often be a complicated and stressful process. So, especially as Britain continues to negotiate its exit from the EU, many people living in Britain might feel increasingly concerned about the future.


Here at Santa Fe Relocation, we can handle the entire visa application process for you and assist with submitting your application to UK authorities. We have accredited and experienced experts who can tailor immigration advice to cater to your individual situation, no matter what your nationality.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional relocation experiences to our customers. Human and Digital. Consistent and Compliant. Global and Local.


So, if you are concerned about your right to remain in the UK or would like to apply for settlement status in the UK, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




Santa Fe’s UK Immigration team is regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). We have a mix of legal advisors and former immigration officials in our team. We understand and advise on both the legal and procedural frameworks of immigration.