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Important Update

Global Mobility Survey

Global Mobility

Santa Fe is a leading provider of global relocation services, offering effective outsource solutions for even the most challenging global mobility programs.

What drives employee global mobility in your business?

Your global mobility program may be driven by growth opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, or the implementation of new business strategies. To meet these organizational challenges, an effective global mobility solution must consider cultural, legal, political and organizational constraints, while addressing such needs as talent retention, regulatory compliance, cost management, effective IT solutions and more.

Our consultative approach starts by asking the right questions to understand these drivers and influencing factors and concerns. From there, we create custom, high quality solutions designed specifically for our clients’ global mobility needs.

Why Santa Fe?

We provide a complete suite of global mobility solutions, from designing and implementing relocation policies to providing immigration services or securing executive housing. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies with truly "global" mobility programs, smaller organizations needing assistance with a few assignee relocations, and everything in between.

As the fastest growing global mobility service provider in the industry, we are fully committed to our customer-centric philosophy and to our mission, "We make it easy."

  • Our Global Network and physical presence across six continents ensures that we have the local knowledge and capacity to provide the highest level of service across our entire geographic region.
  • Our technology solutions drive and support our services, and all Santa Fe offices use a single technology to streamline outcomes and reporting. We continually develop innovative technology solutions, such as our mobile applications for businesses with corporate assignees.
  • Our greatest resource is the talent and knowledge of our incredibly dedicated 3,300+ employees who are local residents and experts in their county regulations—from real estate, to visa and immigration, and more.