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Important Update

File a claim

The intention of this page is to assist you in submitting a claim should your consignment sustain any loss or damage during the course of transit or storage.

  • Please read this form carefully and ensure that all instructions are followed.
  • Adherence to the instructions will result in your claim being processed more expediently.
  • Any loss/damage must be reported within 30 days upon delivery of your goods. Notification must include a list of all items that are being claimed for and must be made by visiting
  • Please note that you must retain all the damage items until your claim has been settled otherwise Underwriters can decline your claim.
  • Claims for partial loss (shortage) of goods from theft, pilferage, mysterious loss or disappearance or any cause whatsoever are excluded unless reported written exception is made with moving personnel at the time of delivery at destination residence. The time of delivery is the period between arrival of goods at destination residence and departure of moving personnel from the destination residence.

Substantiation of Claim

  • The responsibility rests with you as the claimant to fully substantiate your claim.
  • Failure to provide your claim notification via within 30 days after delivery of the shipment will void coverage.
  • It is mandatory for all supporting documents (see below) to be uploaded to within 45 days of your claim notification.
  • If you require assistance in completing your claim notification online please contact your Santa Fe Move Co-ordinator within 30 days of delivery.

Examples of supporting documents

  • Written professional estimates of repair;
  • Written professional estimates of replacement for missing items or items. Items beyond repair should be verified in writing by a professional source;
  • Photographs of all damaged items


To complete a claim form online click here