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Policy Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Household goods and personal effects, antiques, fine arts, motor vehicles, boats and trailers as declared and valued on the Enrolment form attaching to and forming part of this shipment protection policy, but in no case, shall this policy cover bank & treasury notes, firearms, furs, jewellery (including precious metals and stones), money, perishables (e.g. make up, perfumes, food) plants, securities, stamps, watches or weapons.



  1. Against ‘All Risks’ of physical loss of or damage to Goods in accordance with the following London Institute Clauses current at the time of commencement of transit:

Institute Cargo Clauses (A) or (Air), the relevant Institute War Clauses and Institute Strikes Clauses, Institute Classification Clause, Institute Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biological, Bio-Chemical and Electromagnetic Weapons Exclusion Clause, Institute Cyber Attack Exclusion Clause.

Subject always to the Termination of Transit Clause (Terrorism) (JC056).

  1. General Average and Salvage Charges:

General Average and Salvage Charges payable as provided in the contract

airfreightment. For the purpose of claims for general average contribution and   salvage charges recoverable hereunder the subject matter covered shall be deemed to be covered for its full contributory value. General average deposits only payable on General Average deposits receipts.

  1. Owner Packed Goods – Cover as above but excluding claims for:

Breakage, scratching, denting, chipping, staining and tearing of owner packed effects unless directly caused by fire, stranding, sinking or collision of the vessel or collision or overturning of transporting land conveyance. Also, excluding claims for missing items of owner packed cartons or packages, including trunks, suitcases and the like.


  1. Cover is to apply from such time as packing shall commence at origin residence and be continuous during normal course of transit until unpacking is completed at destination residence or departure of moving personnel from destination residence (whichever shall occur first), provided that all other Terms and Conditions of the Shipment Protection Policy are met.
  2. Coverage at warehouse of country of origin is provided for up to 30 days, and for up to 30 days after arrival at warehouse of final destination is provided, warranted that the property is stored in the warehouse of Santa Fe and/or its Agents.
  3. Storage coverage extension may be granted subject to prior notice and payment of additional premiums to the Underwriters, as per the Storage Coverage Extension Form, forming part of this Policy.  Extension is subject to approval and validation by the Underwriters.
  4. Notwithstanding the above the duration of cover in respect of War and Strikes risks shall be in accordance with the relevant Institute War and Institute Strikes Clauses.


  1.   New Replacement Cost: The personal and household effects covered hereunder must be valued at the replacement cost at destination as supported by a complete valued inventory. Coverage requires that high valued items be specifically declared and valued. The settlement based on full replacement value coverage will be the lesser of repair cost/replacement value or as stated on the valued inventory. The Underwriters reserve the right to replace the damaged or missing items of like kind and quality.
  2.   Undervaluation: The Applicant shall at all times maintain coverage on 100% value of his shipment to the extent of the replacement cost at destination (replacement value at today's replacement cost), at the time of loss or damage and failure to do so, the covered person shall to the extent of such deficit, bear his or their proportion of any loss or damage including labor charges.
  3.   Agreed Value Clause: Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, it is hereby declared and agreed that in case of a claim arising in respect of all or any item or items appearing on the enrolment form, the value reflected against such item or items shall not be regarded as and agreed value between the Underwriters and the Applicant, notwithstanding that an Enrolment Certificate has been issued in respect of the total amount or amounts of such enrolment form. The actual value and amount recoverable in respect of each and every item lost or damaged will have to be provided by the Applicant to the Underwriters - the maximum amount recoverable being the sum covered or the replacement value at destination, whichever is the lower.
  4.   High Value Items:  High value items and/or items not normally shipped in a household goods shipment and valued at over EUR 1500 per item or set must be specifically declared and valued prior to issuance of the Enrolment Certificate.  High Value Items are defined as, but not limited to the following:  Antiques, objects of art, valuable carpets, china, crystals, collection of records, tapes, pictures, paintings and other like goods.
  1.      Electrical and mechanical derangement: Subject always to the relevant Goods being packed by Santa Fe and/or their agents, cover is extended to include damage to the Goods caused by electronic and/or electrical and/or mechanical derangement provided the items have been subject to testing/assessment by Santa Fe and/or their agents prior to transit and confirmed to be in good working order. This extension does not apply to Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Trailers or items older than six (6) years.
  2.   Pairs and Sets: In the event of loss or damage recoverable to any item or items forming part of pair or set the indemnity afforded by this Shipment Protection Policy shall be limited to the reasonable and fair reduction in value of the pair or set by reason of the loss or damage to the affected items having regard to the importance of the affected items within the pair or set. All the articles constituting the pair or set shall, at Underwriters’ option, become their property in the event that the Underwriters agree to pay the total loss of the pair or entire set.
  3.      Mould and Mildew: Subject always to the relevant Goods being packed by Santa Fe and/or their agents and notwithstanding the atmospheric and/or climatic conditions exclusion clause, cover is hereby extended to include damage to the Goods resulting in mould and/or mildew. The maximum amount recoverable under this clause is EUR 20,000
  1.      Shipping Costs: The Applicant has the option of increasing the Cover Value to allow for the costs of duty, shipping costs and/or similar charges.
  2. Wine and liquors: Cover for breakage and or loss for wine and or liquor is provided within this Policy. The maximum amount recoverable is EUR 10,000.
  3. Fine Arts: This Policy includes cover for fine arts, which must be specifically listed and valued as high valued items. The maximum amount recoverable is EUR 100,000

In addition to the exclusions specified in the Institute Clauses and/or elsewhere in this Policy, the following exclusion clauses for loss, damage will apply:

  1. Ordinary wear & tear and/or gradual deterioration, seizure or confiscation by authorities (e.g. customs agents), climatic conditions or extremes of temperature, vermin or moth damage.
  2. Marring, scratching, chipping and denting of used electrical appliances and used furniture.  This exclusion will be deleted if a "Statement of Condition" is reflected on the packing list or assured's inventory list signed by both the mover's agent and the Applicant.
  3. Loss or damage due to mechanical, electric or electronic derangement if the covered items are under a manufacturer's warranty. Further, if the covered items exceed six years of age, and are not professionally packed by the movers.
  4. Loss or damage due to seizure or confiscation by authorities, loss of data or consequential loss or damage. 
  5. Bank & treasury notes, firearms, furs, jewellery (including precious metals and stones), money, perishables (e.g. make up, perfumes, food) plants, securities, stamps, watches or weapons.
  6. Claims for partial loss (shortage) of goods from theft, pilferage, mysterious loss or disappearance or any cause whatsoever are excluded unless reported written exception is made with moving personnel at the time of delivery at destination residence. The time of delivery is the period between arrival of goods at destination residence and departure of moving personnel from the destination residence.

Coverage is to apply for the time the vehicle is given into the custody of the freight forwarder or steamship company, for up to 30 days whilst stored at warehouse of origin, and continues until the vehicle is delivered to the point of final destination, and whilst stored for up to 30 days only at the warehouse of destination, always provided that it is not operated on public or private roads under its own power for the whole period defined above UNLESS: Operation under its own power occurs for distances not exceeding 10 statute miles during transit between conveyances. Operation under own power occurs whilst on premises of loading or unloading port and subject to the following exclusions/conditions:

A.     Vehicle to be loaded on board vessel in strict compliance with all safety measures of carriage.

B.     Excluding all third party risks whist being driven under own power and this coverage does not extend to any damages, injury or liability to third party under any law requiring vehicles to be covered against third party risks or liability.

C.       Scratching, denting or marring of automobile or motorcycle or mobile home unless the freight forwarder and the owner of the automobile or motorcycle or mobile home both agree and sign a "Certificate of Condition", or a similar document, stating the condition of the automobile or motorcycle or mobile home at the time the same entered the custody of the freight forwarder or steamship company, noting all defects, if any.

D.     Coverage in respect of non-factory installed accessories or removable items on automobile or motorcycle or mobile home unless specified.

E.     Any coverage whilst on deck specifically excluded: Apart of the specific conditions mentioned above, coverage in respect to automobiles, motorcycles or mobile homes is subject to the general terms and conditions of the All Risk Protection Group Policy, where they do not conflict with the specific conditions.

  1. There are definite time limitations for claim submission, review the ‘How to Make a Claim’ section included in the Enrolment Form.
  1. Claim notification: Claims must be notified within 30 days of delivery via and must include a complete list of the items being claimed.
  2. Claim Submission: Further it is mandatory for all supporting documents to be provided in a timely fashion not to exceed 45 days from the date of claim notification.  All the damaged items must be retained until the claim has been settled otherwise Underwriters can decline your claim.
  3. Failure to provide a claim notification within 30 days of delivery and/or not provide supporting documentation within 45 days from the claim notification date will result in your claim being declined and your claim file closed.
  1.   Repair and Replacement Clause: Underwriters shall be entitled at its sole option to replace, with like kind and quality, or repair any article damaged (whether wholly or in part), or to pay cash, in any event not exceeding the covered value thereof.  Always provided that in the event of replacement or cash payment for actual or constructive total damage, the item is surrendered to and becomes the property of the Underwriters.  Underwriters may require proof of ownership and/or value of any items claimed missing or damaged.
  2.   Depreciation: Underwriters liability is restricted to the reasonable cost of repair and excludes any reduction in value arising from repairs or restoration of a damaged item or depreciation as a result thereof.
  3. Apportion Value: Where the subject matter covered is under one valuation, for the purpose of loss assessing, Underwriters reserve the right to apportion the value over each item and then over each quantity.


A.      E.U. Disclosure Clause (UK): The Parties are free to choose the law applicable to this Contract. Unless specifically agreed to the contrary this insurance shall be subject to English Law.

  1. Freight Forwarder and not Insurance agent: Santa Fe is the owner of the All Risk Shipment Protection Policy, and is not an agent of the Underwriters of the policy.  There is no separate policy between the covered person and the Underwriters.  Santa Fe is not authorised to make any representation what so ever concerning coverage under this Policy. All questions concerning coverage shall be directed exclusively to the Underwriter, Aviva PLC.
  2. Subrogation Clause: The Insurers shall be subrogated to the extent of their payment for losses insured hereunder to all the Insured’s rights of recovery against any person or organisation, excepting Santa Fe.
  3. Other Insurance: The All Risk Protection Group Policy does not cover to the extent of any other insurance, whether prior to subsequent hereto in date and by whomsoever affected directly or indirectly covering the same property, and the Underwriters shall be liable for loss or damage only for the excess value beyond the amount due from such other insurance.
  4. Deductible: This Shipment Protection Policy is subject to a nil deductible
  5. Premium Payment: Underwriters shall only be liable to settle a claim recoverable under this Policy provided Santa Fe confirms that all premiums have been received. In the event that premiums are outstanding, Underwriters will settle a valid claim once premiums have been paid.


You have the right to cancel up to fourteen (14) days prior to the policy’s inception (first day of packing) should you wish to do so.  Notification must be provided in writing prior to the 14 day time limit, by mail, fax or e-mail to your Santa Fe Co-ordinator.Should you exercise your right to cancel a EUR 50 administration fee will be payable.